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Turn to David M. Audet, Attorney at Law, in Hillsboro, Oregon, for the best criminal defense with our excellent attorney services. We cover all criminal cases, from battling your DUII charges or representing you in domestic violence cases.

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At the law office of David M. Audet, Attorney at Law, we specialize in criminal defense for state and federal courts. Let us fight for you when you are charged with a crime, from theft and domestic violence to DUII or drug charges. Our experienced attorneys have been practicing law since 1979, and we will work for the best result possible for your case.

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With more than three decades of legal experience, David M. Audet, Attorney at Law, promises the best criminal defense with affordable attorney services. We work many types of criminal cases, and have much trial experience. Our office is in the county where we practice, so contact us for the best local legal representation today.

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